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At City Brides we greet you with a warm welcome, we would want you to feel at home here. We offer refreshments, we like to hear what you may have in mind and then we work from there, its a very easy process, even if you haven’t got anything in mind not a problem, that’s what we are here for to assist, we try and make it enjoyable as we can.



How We Began

Juliette and Lucy, mother and daughter team set up the business City Brides together in 2011. When Juliette was little Lucy use to make little barbie outfits for her dolls she has a whole box full of beautiful little outfits that Lucy made especially for Juliette. 



When Juliette got married to her husband she felt depressed that the bubble of bridal and weddings had ended! So Lucy came up with a beautiful idea!! A wedding shop we could share between us! Since sadly Lucy passed away in March 2022.



 Juliette has carried on in her memory to the best of her ability suppling beautiful designer dresses for women who want to feel amazing on their wedding day for Juliette and her team it’s not about making sales, it’s all about the brides and how special she wants them to feel, dream job! Yes completely! 



At City Brides we want every bride to feel like they’ve said yes to their dream gown it’s not something they should be pressured into or pushed on to this dress is all aboutour bride and the biggest day of her life whether it takes an hour or four hours to find!



We can’t wait to meet you & to connect your dream dress.
Come see us & tell us your story.

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