When you provide City Brides Ltd with your private details, this is kept in the strictest confidence. We do not share your private information with third parties except as detailed below.

When requested we will ask independent dress makers who work for us on a regular basis to contact you via email, phone or text message. We will ask for your approval /confirmation in writing that we may do this.

Your personal details are recorded on invoices for tax and accounting purposes and kept under lock and key. No one other than our accountant, relevant government agencies or City Brides directors and staff have access to this documentation.

Information held on our computers is protected by McAfee and computers are scanned every three months by an independent company to make sure that they are are protected and have not been compromised.

Emails are deleted on a regular basis to make sure that your privacy is not compromised.

Mobile phones and iPads: if you are contacted via our mobile phones, these are protected by either McAfee or by Apple. We only use mobile phones to text a booking confirmation on some occasions.

Appointments are recorded in a diary. The diary is kept in the office at all times, when the shop is closed it remains under lock and key.  Diaries are destroyed after two years.

We will not contact you after your appointment with us. We will wait for you to request a second appointment.

We will not store your information except in the form of invoices as in the third paragraph.  Diaries are stored for two years but will not be seen by any outside agencies and are held for our information only. Diaries are destroyed by a paper shredder.