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Our Venus wedding dresses range is just waiting for you!

As a bride, you know that the dress is going to be one of the most critical aspects of your big day. Not only does it show off your bridal beauty, it presents your unique charm and elegant taste. Venus wedding dresses are made with beautiful, fashionable details that embody rich traditions. Any modern bride who is looking to be doused in class and elegance looks to Venus wedding dresses for her big day.

Think about how contemporary ball gowns with a classic fit and flare look. Think luxurious lace silhouettes. Venus wedding dresses offer it all and more. Even the least traditional brides will find something in the Venus range, with the Angel and Tradition lines offering dresses that maintain beauty while remaining unique.

On Trend With Every Dress

With every generation, wedding dresses change. Venus wedding dresses offer options to suit all brides who are dying to be in the moment. The wedding dress trends this year call for elegance and beauty, and your big day can be as beautiful as you want.

Modest Brides, Personal Style

When you hunt out the high-quality, top-class wedding dresses on the market, Venus wedding dresses should call out to you. The Modest wedding dress collection features vintage cap sleeves, fuller backs and higher necklines, which means you can remain classic and modest for your wedding day look.

Sweet Petite

Venus wedding dresses are for every girl out there. Offering sizes that cover the full spectrum, Venus wedding dresses also suit the girls on the petite side. Our experts at City Brides Norwich are on hand to help you with your Venus wedding dresses selection. Regardless of size, the Venus small range is the perfect choice for the petite bride.

City Brides Payment Plans

At City Brides, we get how expensive weddings can be. It’s for this reason that we offer an easy payment plan option for all of our brides. When you’ve been in to see us, and you say yes to the dress, we can divide your payments over the months until the two months before the day. We won’t perform credit checks or charge any administrative fees, and our deposit is low: all we ask is the first payment on the plan. For example, if you choose a gown worth £1,000, the gown will be £100 a month for ten months. If you find a sale gown worth over £500, we can offer a payment plan of three months. You deserve the gown of your dreams, and we want to help you to afford it.

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Bring your friends and family to view you in your Venus wedding dresses selection; this is going to be one of the most exciting appointments of your entire wedding experience. Soak it all up and try on beautiful lace dresses with the people in your life that you love. Call us for an appointment on 01603 662 557.