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The City Brides Story...

At City Brides, we warmly welcome you and want you to feel at home here.


We offer refreshments, we like to hear what you may have in mind and then we work from there, its a very easy process, even if you haven’t got anything in mind it's not a problem, that’s what we are here for to assist, we try and make it as enjoyable as we can.

Once upon a time...

Lucy and Juliette, a Mother and Daughter team set up the business City Brides together in 2011.


When Juliette was little Lucy use to make little Barbie outfits for her dolls she has a whole box full of beautiful little outfits that Lucy made especially for Juliette. 

When Juliette got married to her husband she was saddened that the bubble of bridal and weddings had ended. Inspired by this, Lucy came up with a beautiful idea - a wedding shop that they could share between them!

Since sadly Lucy passed away in March 2022.

Juliette has carried on in her memory to the best of her ability suppling beautiful designer dresses for women who want to feel amazing on their wedding day for Juliette and her team it’s not about making sales, it’s all about the brides and how special she wants them to feel, dream job! Yes completely! 

A Message From Juliette:

I’ve been in retail all my life I have a passion for all things fashion and you will often find me at the local shopping mall! I first started out in a department store and I gained 2 NVQs in retail and customer service, learning from only the best in old-fashioned customer service compared to the likes department stores like Harrods and our local store Jarrolds.


I have quite an old school way of serving but adjust accordingly to any customer I met listening to what women want showing in return what I can offer in store.


I absolutely love making women feel amazing! At the age of 17 I was finding women a lot older than myself, outfits that would suit them and what they would be comfortable wearing and when they fell in love with an outfit it just made my day after my own wedding in 2010 my mum (Lucy) and I decided we would like to carry on our experience and apply it to bridal wear spending 2 hours to find only the best dresses we have to offer in store from a range of designer gowns from only the best in the industry.


It’s not about me and my personal opinion this is about you and what you want from your own wedding dresses on your big day and I’m here to help, support and guide you and my team will do the same I spend so much time with my team to show you the level of expertise that I have that we apply to all our brides when they enter City Brides.

City Brides Memories 

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