Your Dream Wedding Dress.


At City Brides we greet you with a warm welcome, we would want you to feel at home here. We offer refreshments, we like to hear what you may have in mind and then we work from there, its a very easy process, even if you haven't got anything in mind not a problem, that's what we are here for to assist, we try and make it enjoyable as we can. This is your special day and we would be honoured to be apart of that. Looking forward to meeting you!


How our payment plan works


Your dream dress just got afforable!

Interest Free!!

No credit checks, No admin fees, No high deposits, No balloon payments.

When you find your perfect gown we divide your payments over the months, until two months before your wedding. We do not ask a high deposit, just the first payment of the plan. For example a £1000 gown will be £100 a month for 10 months. 

We also offer a payment plan of three months if you find a sale gown you love of £500 or over. 
We want all our brides to have the gown of her dreams, in a way that is affordable. 

Subject to terms an conditions.